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I’ve decided to change my pen name in the seduction community to prevent any girl googleing me and finding out what I really do for a living, influencing her decision to date me, and to keep part of my professional life separate from my other professional aspirations.

I sent an email out to my list of subscribers asking them to vote on which names they liked best. Here are the list of names and number of votes from most popular to least:

Steve Newman – 24
Steve Stark – 24
Steve Savage – 21
Steve Sharp – 20
Steve Shade – 18
Steve Sax – 16
Steve Lamar – 15
Steve Sexton – 15
Steve Sanders – 10
Steve Hitch – 10
Steve Hitchcock – 10
Steve Sargent – 9
Steve Hitchens – 8
Steve Shafer/Shaffer – 7
Steve Sanford – 6
Steve Sandford – 6
Steve Stephens/Stevens – 5
Steve Sagal – 3
Steve Shanklin – 3

Personally, I’m leaning toward Steve Hitchens (because when I tell people what I really do they always say “So you’re like a real Hitch.” which is a movie starring Will Smith about a African-American dating coach), Steve Newman (because it’s one of the most popular names that can also represent me being a “new man” since I’ve gone on this journey of getting better with women), or Steve Savage (because it’s also popular, it sounds good, and from a discussion I had with a friend).

I’m going to take a little bit more time to consider which name I’ll use. It’s really about what feels better in my gut, which by the way is how I determine whether I approach a woman or not.

I’m going to give away one more program. Leave your input on my top 3 choices and you’ll be entered to win your choice of either “Ultimate Inner Game”, “Collection of Confidence”, or “Text Your Woman Into Bed”:


This wasn’t widely advertised so your chances of winning are much higher.

P.S. I’m still gonna use Sexual Chocolate. It just fits me too well.

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