Study: Fat And Rich Men Are Ok With Women

by Shana Rose


Women don’t mind overweight men as long as their wallets are fat, a study has found.This study out of Columbia University says it has proven mathematically that women are more attracted to a man’s wallet than his looks.

Single people, looking to get hitched, rate each other’s eligibility primarily by assessing just two traits: physical and economic attractiveness.

Researchers say while both sexes prefer slim, wealthy spouses to poor, fat ones, a man can make up for being overweight with the heft of his billfold.

People I talked to in the CBD about the survey say, “Duh!” In other words, not many, if any found it surprising. Disappointing some said, but not surprising.

“Is it not obvious from just looking around… And it’s not just celebrities, go to Harrah’s and see who hangs out with the high rollers.”

Another man told me, “Money trumps everything!”

One woman said on the subject, “Women like luxuries.” Apparently even more than men who look good.

The complicated formula from the study indicates that a 6-foot-tall man who weighs 180 pounds and earns an annual salary of $100,000, would have to get a $3,000 raise if he packed on about 20 pounds.

The report reads, “Among men, a 10% increase in BMI can be compensated by a higher wage, the supplement being estimated to be around 3%.”

You can read the study by clicking here…


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