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I’ve been going to nightclubs since I was 16. I’m at a point where I’m almost over nightgame. I’m tired of spinning high energy b.s. to attract women who have ADD and no substance. I have met very few women in the U.S. who are beautiful and sexy as well as genuine, honest, non-flakey, and emotionally stable. It’s time to try something different.

I’ve been studying a bunch of daygame stuff lately, specifically from they guys of I really like their stuff because it’s a lot of what I was doing before I got into game, in what I do in nightgame, as well as what I’ve taught guys who wanted advice and 1-on-1 training. I was swayed far away from it when I first found out about the “community” because I was wrongly convinced that indirect game was the way you must do things. You shouldn’t show your interest because “she’ll think you’re hitting on her”. Fuck that! She should. And feel that I’m better at it than anyone else she’s ever met.

So I’m officially delving into the depths of daygame because at this point in my life I want to meet more quality women who have the traits I stated above. I’ve heard over and over again that they can be found through daygame. In my gut I know that’s true because I did some daygame when I took Shark’s bootcamp in Croatia and I’m still friends with a great girl I met in the mall there. The friendship is strong and the sexual tension is strong as well. Hopefully I get back there when she’s single.

I’ve done daygame here in the U.S. when I took a bootcamp at UCLA in Los Angeles years ago, but the instruction wasn’t that good. I haven’t done until me and a wing decided to try my “band of brothers” idea for eliminating approach anxiety. We went 2 for 2 in getting contact details. I’ll post a field report later.

I will be posting daygame field reports for my own archival purposes so there should be more activity on this blog. I said I’d never teach bootcamps but if things go well and if it becomes as fun as I think it will be, I could see myself teaching guys how to do it here in the U.S.

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