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EWH Opening Back Up Soon

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An Evening With Hypnotica - Vol. 2

An Evening With Hypnotica - Vol. 2

An Evening With Hypnotica Volume 2 will be opening up soon.

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masscontractionI first heard about this revolutionary muscle building system from Tony Robbins. He’s always looking for the cutting edge with anything the does. At first I didn’t believe it was possible to build muscle only working out once per week. But after I read about the research they conducted in the book I was fully convinced.

You can actually gain more lean muscle mass working out only once per week than someone who spends 2 or more days per week in the gym. It has to do with proper overload of the muscles (Max Contraction) and the proper recovery time. And there is a proper proportion between the two.

I read a post a while back from Matador (from VH1’s “The Pickup Artist” show) who tracked his workout progress and said that at a certain size he got immediate attraction and better initial responses from women. He also said that at a certain one point when he got too big the attraction tapered off, girls started considering him a meat-head, so he slimmed down.

In fact, “The Adonis Method” talks about the proper proportion of the male body (between waist, shoulders, and hight) that is the most attractive to women.

I’m gong to try this system and see what happens. I’m hoping a few guys will try it along with me and swap feedback.

If you’d like to gain as much muscle mass possible, with as little effort as possible, check out the books below.


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All natural male enhancement:
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