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Day 15

Out with Ramsey today at The Spectrum on a Saturday.  He’s got to be using the wackest opener I’ve ever heard for daygame.  He says he’s happy with it, so whatever. Also, I really need to find another spot in Orange County where older women roam. The Spectrum is not happenin’.

First set was a sexy blond.  I opened asking if she knew of any nightlife around.  After she started answering I said a few words and then told her it doesn’t really matter because I saw her and though she was cute so I had to say hello.  She started walking again, held up the ring on her left and ring finger, said thank you, and told me she was married.  (2 points)

The second set was another blond I opened, again with the nightlife question.  She started talking about the beach, which I told her I don’t like, and then talking about country bars, which I also don’t like.  Since she was obviously into stuff I’m not, I let her go.  (2 points)

The third set of the day was a brunette who looked a bit middle-eastern that Ramsey passed on because he though she wore too much makeup.  The way she shook her ass made me have to approach.  I ran up, tapped her on the shoulder, moved in front, and told her that I noticed her and I though she looked nice.  A bit more chat and come to find out she was on her way to meet up with a guy for a first date.  I could have used the kamikaze close and gotten her number, but didn’t feel like competing with some other dude the same night.  She thanked me for the complement and went on her way.  (2 points)

Day 16

I hit up The Beverly Center and The Grove with Robhey and Ramsey. These are now my favorite spots to game due of the sheer number of hot women at both locations.

The first set was a curly-haired brunette. That’s what immediately caught my eye and that’s what I told her I noticed about her. She was Italian only here in the country for 4 months looking for a job as a midwife. I called my phone from hers, put her name in my phone, and we’ll see what happens. (3 points)

The second set was another brunette shopping in H&M and she looked like she was in a daze. That’s what I opened with. We had a bit of banter but come to find out she was shopping for her boyfriend. (2 points)

The third set was a tall Russian-looking Caribbean woman visiting SoCal from Palo Alto. I made an assumption about her job and I was right on the money (she was a non-practicing attorney), which really surprised her. She asked me “How did you know that? Is that a line from The Game?” I said “From what?” She said “From that book The Game.” “Never heard of it.” I said. She easily accepted that response and we moved on to the next subject. Because she lives a 6 hour drive away and she wasn’t that hot up close, I let her go. (2 points)

The forth set was in Sophora, which is a seriously target rich location. I asked a brunette what her favorite male cologne was. We got into a discussion about what she likes and the kind of men she likes. She was a bit too young for my taste. (2 points)

I opened quite a bit more than 5 women about random stuff like cologne, mall hours, food places, etc. but I’m only counting 5. (5 points)

I end the week with 20 points.

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Day 2

The first approach of the challenge was a really cute brunette that I saw studying at the Tustin public library when I went to do some work there. Since she was in the quite study area I waited until I saw her when the library closed and approached her outside, told her I noticed her, and asked what she was studying.  I made assumptions about her wanting to be a nurse and we talked a bit longer until she told me she had a long-term boyfriend. I gave her my card and told her that if she has any cute girlfriends she could hook me up with to give me a buzz. (2 points)

Day 3

While shooting some footage for a friend for his pilot outside of a children’s shelter in Orange I approached a tattooed brunette with a really nice ass by asking if she’s there to drop off toys too.  I gave an observation that she looked like a young Pat Benatar with a clipboard.  She was a bit too dismissive and bitchy for my tastes so I let her go. (2 points)

I walked across the street to The Block to see if I could find anything interesting, but no luck.  I like the diversity of The Block though.  There were more Hispanic women there than other malls I’ve been to in OC.  I’m definitely going to have to come back and check things out.

Day 4

I was in Ontario for a few days visiting a friend in the hospital so I decided to try gaming at Victoria Gardens, an outdoor shopping center in the Inland Empire.  It was about 4 pm and there were literally no attractive women walking around.  So rather that waste the venue, I decided to just go for approaching not so attractive women to continue building momentum for the week.  I did 11 approaches, including a few 2-sets, by asking a simple question like if they knew where the nearest Whole Foods Market was. (11 points)

I’ve got my 15 points for the week already, but I’m definately not stopping there.

Day 6

Today I The Spectrum in Irvine at about 2pm with Jimmy Xeno.  The lack of attractive and older women during that time of day resulted in us just approaching women we weren’t that attracted to, who were married (evidenced by the big rock on their left hand ring finger), and who may be a bit too young.  Jimmy’s goal was to get at least 5 points before leaving.  With a little nudging, he achieved his goal.  I ended up getting another 3 points.

Day 8

I joined Jimmy Xeno again at The Spectrum around 2pm so he could finish off his 15 points for the week, which he did.  We discussed trying to find a new venue due to the lack of approachable women walking around.  Most seemed too young or married.

After J.X. left to go to work, I stuck around to see if the evening would be any better.

The fist approach was a petite, shapely blond walking around with a white toy poodle.  I opened with an observation about how she seems old enough to go to bars and clubs and asked if she knew what kind of nightlife was around.  I turned the conversation around to talking about her and we got to the topic of her not going out much anymore due to her being in a relationship.  A little more small talk and I told her to have a nice one.

While walking my car to go get some food, I opened a girl walking slightly behind me.  I don’t know if she was Middleastern or Hispanic but she did have her heir dyed red, which have her a very interesting look.  I opened with asking if she know where any fast food restaurants were and then the conversation turned to her working at the mall, living in Bellflower and driving all the way to Irvine for work, and her being an artist.  Used the “kamikaze close”, get her phone number, and went on my way.

Looks like I’ll end the week with 23 points. Next week I work on being more direct during the daytime.

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Since I’ve made a decision focus on learning daygame, I’ve organized a 30-day challenge with a few other guys on the forum.  Here are the guidelines:

Time Frames – The challenge will be for the entire month of December.  A week begins on Monday and ends Sunday of each week during of the month.  The end of the first week will be considered Sunday December 9th.  The end of the 4th week will be considered Monday December 31st.

Point System – You must achieve a minimum of 15 points each week from girls you’ve met daygaming during the month.  No nightgame sets.  Points for the same interaction (same set) are not cumulative.  Only give yourself points for the highest success level achieved during that interaction.  So if you opened a girl and got her phone number, you wouldn’t give yourself 4 points for both.  You’d only give yourself 3 points.  But if you get a phone number and meet up with the girl for a Day 2 (separate interactions), you’ll give yourself 8 points.  By the end of the month you should have a minimum of 60 points.

1 point – Approaching: You can approach with anything, as long as you just approach and talk to a woman outside of a nightclub environment.

2 points – An extended conversation: Talking past the opener.

3 points – Getting a phone number: “Number closing” as they say.

5 points – An instant date or Day 2: Bouncing a girl you just met to a sit down location or getting her out on a date later that day or another day during the month.

10 points – Same Day Lay or F-Close: Moving a girl from the street to the bedroom and “laying the pipe” as me and my friends use to say.

15 points – Threesome: If you can do this, you don’t need this fucking challenge.  I’ll take your damn seminar.

Report In – Report your points achieved and activity or at the very minimum the end of each week (Sunday).  Post full field reports or a summary of your activities for each time you go out daygaming.

Accountability – Since this is about actually going out and doing something, we in the group will hold each other accountable for sticking to the commitment of daygaming during month.  If you don’t achieve your 15 points for the week, you agree to give $10 for each point you don’t achieve during the week to a charity of a majority vote.

Final Report – On December 31st report your total points achieved, your progress over the month, what you learned, what you’ll keep doing, what you’ll change, etc.

Men in the challenge:

  • Me
  • robhay
  • laughandpeeabit
  • Cougar
  • RogueWolf
  • jimmy xeno
  • Ghostbuster
  • brozenify

Since daygame forces you to deal with I haigher level of social pressure than night game, I’ll also be working on Inner Game almost daily during the month as well.

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