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This is a fun little project I’ve deceded to take on. Guys always want to know what the best pick up lines is. Well, we’re going to find out.

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Do you ever go into a formal or business casual environment and have someone say “Wow man, that’s an awesome knot! How did you do that?” If you’ve always been wearing that Double Windsor, you haven’t. After watching this handy demonstration, you’ll be able to tie a Trinity knot and finally have that warm, fuzzy feeling. Go forth, be proud, and get adored for your amazing swagger. Watch this video and be one of the few who know how to tie a Trinity necktie knot. If you think this knot is awesome, don’t miss the Eldredge knot.

trinity-knot-purple  trinity-knot-white  trinity-knot-teal


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Here is a detailed tutorial on how to tie the exotic and attention-grabbing Eldredge necktie knot. It is a unique looking knot that resembles a braid. If you plan on wearing this knot I recommend keeping your outfit simple with muted solid tones letting the knot be the focal point. It tends to look messy with striped ties because the orientation of the stripes will be different in each panel of the knot, stick to single colored or consistent patterned ties for best results. If you like this kind of knot, make sure to check out the Trinity knot.

eldredge-knot-gold  eldredge-knot-purple  eldredge-knot-blue


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